Public Relations Director/Committees

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Public RelationsDirector Terry McGinnity

Public Relations, Chair TBD

  • Members:  Barry Fisher, Rynni Henderson, Caroline Zamora
  • The public relations committee disseminates information about the club’s activities through the local media.  This includes such activities as student guests, upcoming programs, and newsworthy events. 

Spokes & CogsChair Blaine Goss (Jul, Jan)

  • Members:  Jeff Brown (Sep, Mar), Greg Fant (Dec, Jun), Sue Groth (Nov, May), Jay Jordan (Oct, Apr), Caroline Zamora (Aug, Feb)
  • The Spokes & Cogs committee produces the weekly newsletter that serves for each meeting as a printed program and an accurate historical record. 

Website/Social Media, Chair TBD

  • Members:  Bill Harty, Caroline Zamora
  • This committee manages the club website and its social media accounts. 

(as of July 1, 2018)