Middle School Project/Interact

Picacho Interact works alongside administration, teachers, and the Las Cruces Rotary to build a better community for students.  We work side by side with students who desire not only to excel in the classroom, but also struggle to find a safe niche in their formative years.  We strive to create a space where students can come as they are, and build relationships with one another through their desire to serve their peers and neighborhood through community projects.  

Our past projects include: repainting the school's soccer goal posts, hosting a clothing drive, and working in partnership with the Las Cruces Rotary to xeriscape Picacho Middle School's courtyards.  We have also had guest speakers, from the Rotary Club, who introduced the Four-Way Test to help students understand how choices could potentially alter their lives in dramatic ways -- we are working to establish relationships with the hope that these students will become leaders and caring individuals as they grow into adults.