New Rotarians 2018-2019

New Rotarian Sponsor
Wanda Bowman Ana Mangino
Chayo Garcia Patty Groth

New Rotarians 2017-2018

New Rotarian Sponsor
Katelin Ponder Richelle Ponder
Charlotte Brockway Sherry Franzoy
Gary Brockway Sherry Franzoy
Jeffrey Brown Jay Jordan
Larry Candelaria Jim Maxon
Fran Kemp Bill Harty

Members of the Rotary Club of Las Cruces

Member Classification LOA through Honors
Russell Allen Movie Theater   PH
Lynford Ames University Chemistry   PH, P
Gary Aschbacher Network Communications   PH
Theresa Aschbacher Computer Networking Management   PH
Fran Boldt Teacher   PH
Dinus M. Briggs University Agricultural Research   PH, P
Charlotte Brockway Retired Middle School Teacher   PH, PPC
Gary Brockway Retired Secondary Teacher   PH
Jeffrey Brown University History   PH, P
Larry Candelaria Retired Military   PH
Garrey Carruthers Honorary-University President    
Donald Dresp Honorary-Municipal Library   PH
Christopher Dulany Financial Advisor   PH, P
Gary Esslinger Agriculture, Irrigation   PH
Gregory R. Fant University Administration   PH
Barry Fisher Consulting Bariatric Surgeon   PH
Gus Gandara Insurance, Home and Auto   PH
Sherry Franzoy Garcia Interior Designer   PH
James R. Gerwels Financial Advisor   PH
Blaine Goss University Communication Studies   PH
Patty Groth Business Consulting   PH
Sue Groth Secondary Education   PH
William P. Harty Jr. University Research   PH, P
Kiel Hoffman Business Banking   PH
Keith Houser Printer, Copier Retail   PH
Jay Jordan Electrical Engineering   PH, P
Lya Jordan Accounting   PH, P
Fran Kemp Music Administrator   PH
Steve Loman Merchant, Auto Retailing   PH
Ana Mangino Banking   PH, P
Wanda Mattiace Transportation, Travel Agent   PH, P
Jim Maxon Training Consultant   PH, PPC
Mary Ellen McKay University Extension Leadership   PH, P
George Miller Service, Telecommunication   PH
Barbara Nelson Honorary-Banker, Trust   PH
Howard Ness Government, National Park Service   PH
Donald Niewold Dentistry, Orthodontics   PH
Mel Parish Army, Systems Analysis   PH
James Parks Real Estate, Commercial   PH
Daniel Payne Banking   PH
Earl Phillips Education Support   PH
John Pickett Religion, Presbyterian   PH, P
Katelin Ponder Automotive Customer Service   PH
Richelle Ponder Service, Automotive Repair   PH, P
Bobby J. Rankin University Animal Genetics   PH, P
Mark Santiago Museum Director   PH
James M. Scott Honorary-Real Estate Property Management   PH, P
Robert Seaton Medical Doctor   PH
Ted E. Shelton Jr. Service, Architecture Planning   PH
Elaine Szalay Real Estate, Residential 12/31/2018 PH
Andrew Taylor Construction (LTC US Army retired)   PH
Charles R. Tharp Agriculture, Vegetable Production   PH, P
Charles Townley University Library Science   PH

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