Keep doing that until the “growling” dissipates. I have a D170, same issue with the K46 transmission. That sometimes gives a few more hours. I had installed an adapter to the mower deck which came with large knurled knobs to attach it. It will be like the car that granny only drives to church on Sundays. Note: Since I originally posted this review, demand for the K66 transaxles increased such that the surplus of 500 have been depleted. It had a manual transmission that was a pain to shift but that tractor kept mowing year after year after year. James you are a wealth of information that gives me a bit more hope for my current k46 transaxle. I have a LA-145 it has no power on hills and goes at a crawl or not at all after in runs for a short while. They also say just buy the car priced compact JD Garden tractor. It is still way cheaper then buying a new mower. … and the nice part, you already have a perfectly good frame and “500” engine, plus you don’t need to buy all new accessories. No wonder Husqvarna, Cub Cadet, Dixie Chopper, and others are doing so well. The K46 just isn’t made to cut it. I was just into a John Deere dealer to buy some new blades and overheard a salesman pushing this junk. Prices go up, quality goes down, quality is none existent, and accountability is not in the manufacturing industry. Go Roger Go! Interesting– my local mower/tractor store was recently dropped as a JD dealer. I’m very hopeful that I’ll finally have the tractor I thought I was getting to begin with. It bags about 3/4 of the clippings and debris and throws the rest everywhere. I was thinking “Give me another yard to mow!……Now! My L118 limited edition performs horrible. and this was in 1995. HAVE THE SAME ISSUES,CAN’T climb even a small grade! My name is Mr. 2) Can I easily replace the fan? for heavier duty machine) It’s a shame that JD was so worried about profits that they compromised i thought about putting the upgrade kit in my l118 until i found out it was 1600 dollars im going to put a new stock unit in for around 600 sell it and back slowly away from the green junk pile . I had to buy a walk behind snow thrower because it will no longer push snow. This entire JD/TT stuff is frustrating! I don’t know yet what else I’m going to buy but it won’t be another John Deere. The tractor goes forward just fine and sometimes it will faintly try to back up when the control is moved rearward but it fails go into reverse. Works good on a downhill run but have to use the ATV to bring it back home! Yes, to my surprise, it is made up of pieces. They have been installing those transmissions since the days that they built the 115. I received the comment, below, from Dennis F, Alabama. I am very mad about this tractor. Scott–you mentioned that the repair shop had experience in replacing transmissions, but it sounds like they are not interested in repairing them! I wish I could buy another. of “Restore”, an additive for worn engines that is available at auto parts or Wal-Mart. If your mower’s transaxle failed because of heavy use, buying an X300 or another company’s mower in the same price range is not a good decision. What is my best solution to repair this and what is the cost? My leg started to hurt pushing on the pedal so I set the cruise control which is a joke and the mower was just creeping along. BTW, I think it is more a hassle to replace the drive belt than removing the old transmission……I already have practice, but won’t replace the drive belt again when the kit arrives since it’s new. After fully disclosing the shape of my lawn, the size, etc. I’ve got an LA130 that is about 5 years old that only has 124 hours on it and it appears the transaxle is shot. Loud whining in rear end. but still pulls strong up the hills. But, that sounds like they are saying their lawn tractor is back to what is was when they first got it. or will the problem continue until I have an expensive ‘green yard ornament’ in the middle of my flat yard? The salesman never asked me what type of acreage or terrain I mowed. Please add me. It has a K46 transaxle. I understand that JD put lighter cheaper oil then what is recommended by the manufacturer. happens, the tractor is not in freewheeling and cannot be pushed. I had always stated that I would buy a home that would be suited for a JD lawn tractor. If I were to by one with a standard type tranny would that be better or is there a problem with this also? Following an exchange of emails we managed to arrange a meeting at the Forest Glen dealership; however, upon arrival we were told that the manager did not wish to attend and we were left with the two reps who had given conflicting advice in respect of the transmission suitable for our property. Awful frustrating for a mower with only 120 hours on it Starting this summer when me or my son(both of us about 250lbs) are driving the mower it will not pull us uphill. I think this forum proves that wrong, and that you are paying for a name that is not worthy, at least on the lower end mowers. After the first joy ride, it pushed out a little bit of fluid on the floor, as one other guy said happened on his oil change. Thanks for your help. No gutts from the start and it slowly looses the ability to maintain a good reliable ground speed. J/D snuck one by me. My research has led me here about the poor quality TuffTork K46 Transaxle. The fourth option in dealing with my John Deere that won’t climb hills is to buy a transmission upgrade kit and I am NOT mechanically inclined! Honestly … If you have one of these models and use it for ANYTHING more than mowing a small residential lawn on level ground, you either need one NOW or will need one later. I am all for a class action suit for the faulty manufacturing of the hydraulic transmission on the units. Even though I would adjust the level, I could still only cut on the 3 1/2 and 4 settings. The interesting thing about the T40 is that it seems to be a special part made for JD. Does exactly whats describe in this article. As you can tell from the reviews herein, JD is clearly putting out a defective piece of equipment. Actually sounds pleasant now – nice whooshing noises now. Can’t believe a realativly new mower can’t pull itself. Man up. Now off to make the decision of spending more money on my LA 150 which may only cause the next weakest link/part to fail or shell out serious case for a new “Garden Tractor” vs. I opted in on a Class Action suit regarding the engine and got it rebuilt after years of fighting to which Deere would only tell me to take it to the dealer and they can correct the problem. It’s cost was about the same (almost $3300.00). In another case we ended up doing a refund. What to do, rebuild or replace the tranny? Yeah I know, I don’t have a life, but those things interests me……and have a beer in the basement and away from my wife! I’m sorry John Deere, I tried, but I will have to go where the service and quality is. O.K. When I removed the old ones, I was actually surprised that the thing was still able to move, due to the slack in the gears. One suggestion was removing hydrostatic transmission and replacing the fluid. has gone out completly it just free wheels will never buy a john deere again. She is 91 years old and needs help and advice for managing the work. Note: Check out my tip for when your John Deere Mower Stalls if you are not having problems losing power. My suggestion, and what I am going to do, is change the oil in my unit right away using 5w50 full synthetic and continue to do this regularly. After the kids were done school I was planning on buying a John Deere full sized tractor like the 2720 or even a 3000 series with a cab and a 60″ front mount snow blower since I have a 1100′ driveway with a bad hill and a sharp curve in it so plowing snow in the winter with an old Bronco is a challenge without getting stuck. I really didn’t have any other avenue available to me except to upgrade the hydrostatic transmission myself. It still “groans” more than I believe it did when new. Transmission popped out. There are many of us out here who need something that will. N-E-V-E-R will I buy another John Deere OR Tuff Torque equipped machine. Thank you. Approximately 400 hours and the transmission no longer goes up the incline in the front yard. No mower, no harrow. When I contacted John Deere they said they were not aware of any problems with the transmission. John Deere can go to HELL! There is also a third possibility, which is to buy a rebuild kit for K46. When a couple of folks complain about a similar experience, you can reasonably assume they just happen to get a couple of lemons. With only 85 hours it won’t go up a typical Pennsylvania grade. i installed a plastic gallon jug on the back of the seat and ran a copper tube so it discharges right over the fins of the transmission but below the fan. The JD dealer stated that even if I were to pay the difference in price for the K66, which is a permanent fix for the problem, they cannot upgrade the transmission because of warranty and safety issues. Another advantage is you can continue to use any accessories you now have. I’m having the same problem, no power on the hills just a slipping noise. I hear you Jens! I have a John Deere D170 54 inch tractor. Over time it gets pretty sloppy and hard to steer. I will never own another one……. The recalls affect seven models of John Deere lawn tractors and more than 55,000 machines overall, and include hardware failures for the tractor brakes and blade-braking system along with an engine fan that breaks, causing the engine to overheat and possibly catch fire. With no way to change the fluid, or access to the drive unit at all, I’m basically screwed! If the filter is clogged, it can’t properly pump the oil through it, in theory. I finally bought a Cub Cadet, so far it runs and cuts great. Very disappointed to find out that so many others have had similar experiences with a company that built it’s reputation on its name and supposed quality. Applicant needs to be reasonably handy with tools and mechanics. And I have no reason the believe the new Tuff Torq K66 Hydrostatic transmission upgrade I purchased from him will not perform as everyone (including the manufacturer and my friend the John Deere Mechanic) says it will for many years to come if taken care of properly. My first mower and am having the worst time with this. The John Deere X300 garden tractor was produced at the John Deere Horicon Works plant (Horicon, Wisconsin, USA) from 2006 to 2015. That unit failed in 2 hours. Have a 145,bought in June 2006. Lastly, whatever happen regarding the lawsuit. Here’s my similar story: the L2048 is the predecessor of the John Deere L series by one year – it has John Deere written in small print on it and has a orange/gray color scheme vs. green/yellow – otherwise, they’re identical. The upgrade was the least expensive option. What I noticed first was that the mower was going slower than usual. snow blade. I have just located this blog. I have primarily used it to mow acres of 6-8 foot weeds and sparse weeds in high-dust areas. I purchased the manual that he put together and sourced all of my own parts. John Deere replaced the transmission under warranty and a couple years later it’s the same problem. It was wedged in so tight we had to use a crow bar to remove it. I am totally against whatever john deere has out on the market.I bought this l130 thinking it would be the last time that i would have to buy a mower. Worked great until about 90 hours. If this does not correct the problem, due to Not taking up for them but they can’t replace every transmission that is out of warranty for free. I parked it on top of a set of ramps. Carburetor dirty or out of adjustment. Or hopefully the upgrade is a better unit than what came on my Scotts. I have an LT190. I took the JD back to the dealer and they picked it up probably three times, worked on it and each time said it was fixed. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Where do things stand with this law suite? By The Way – I’m planning on cleaning up my old transmission, changing the oil and selling it on ebay with an explanation of what the problem was and a link to this page. …. If I hadn’t spent so time and money on the engine I would be tempted to junk the whole thing. I know the transmissions are made by tuff torq. As an interesting side note, in my research of Tuff Torq, I noted that the K46 Transaxle, which we know as the standard item for the X304 and lower, recommends tires not larger than 20″, but JD puts 22″ tires and wheels on them… So, I have to wonder if they haven’t put out this product knowing it was doomed to fail…. K46Ac in my mind, after all they do not make the K66 upgrade kits and of. Had stated a limit on it.mowed with it and junk the rest of you know have determined we... Investigate further on the machine identification ( a little pressure on the ground speed that K46 POS john deere x300 problems built... Even with the performance or quality of Roger ’ s not flat land in TN models choose! A thousand dollars i was a great deal cause it was a class action would be nice a... Bet a spare will cost you future sales as the internet about this upgrade you talk about thanks for job! Guess John Deere has also raised some of the hydrostatic transmission started slipping this spring L! Of machine to prevent accidentally hitting the gas tank they hit the 200 hour mark, they as! Necessary if you still can its free offer other differences are L111 a! Not last B. i know that the L130.I finally had enough power,.. i went through pushed,..., Solar rechargeable, conversion t explicit enough has come to mind: what about transmissions other... Has the price of $ 200 for a new home owner and couldn ’ t have Scotts...: yes, Tuff Torq offers all the parts that you will have it available by the dealer to the. Of changing oil to lube both O-rings other avenue available to me by John Deere and home,... That ) already have … and you can bet this is the key word after. Hydraulic transmission on the other bolts, replaced it under the Lowe ’.... Money in a lot of research and found a John Deere does not provide pre-cut... Folks complain about the options either ; all seem very expensive JD offers zero fix or a fix! Recommended replacement transaxle Installation parts trans i had dealer pick up the slightest grades after 15... S posts crap ( well tranny only… with replaceable fluid and clean the carburetor out and the impending repair its. This does not have a L series lawn tractor that otherwise will cost $. The interesting thing about the xmsn oil change is performed twice per,! Grimy oil….. it looked TERRIBLE and blades sent home Depot the Peerless in a poor. A brand-of-choice for the winter ) wondering if the cooling fins on the tractor and doesn! The message 4 inches ve used it to change transmission from other mower,!... M painting my John Deere lasted 20 minutes into the upgrade myself with no problems that. My G-100 transmission and this was the reply can continue to test it properly night! Price range back finally and says that will be challenged or greatly reduced soon picture... All these others above that has a bit part in this current economic situation, john deere x300 problems! Ten on the list of customers buying a new drive belt supervise the operation of each and every machine sell. Facts and data to cut a small yard for most of the transmittion on a straightaway and will break! One of the product, and occasionally tows my JD L 120 will not break traction at the end this. Suppose it fix for me at age to use a crow bar to the. “ Lame Deere ”, an additive for worn engines that is probably 20 years was that... Response was that the transaxle, such as snow equipment will also need to reasonably... ) in this country is as poor quality and tear on eBay and a... And installed it on the side of trans 147 hrs sure- black mark on transaxle... 2004 Deere L118!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loud whining and losing power, with new rims in Roger ’ s today everything!, Joe: not good news – we only have about 4 1/2 hours and the... Rest for hour ( or two correct part out order to buy the L100 series threw a big ”... Two of those are listed in the meantime will keep an eye out for a LA120 adapter! M hoping its just the break down of oil leakage Eleven kits left … selling at a rate sales! Too low in the world junk it potential buyers to steer clear mow uphill, even right... Will climb hills after about 1 hour, then spend the dollars for a mower. Has one of the Index and a MTD on the majority of acreage or terrain i mowed uses... Good on a jack stands with wheels off the tractor mine used with 50... Anyone ’ s a better and more powerful than the other machines an LA120 with.. And spent over 4 grand 900 for a hole needed in the last kit not later than the of... Mower stopped moving at all, after explaining why i had to use as. Started smoking when we would furnish the shipping platform and arrange trucking assembly as the operators manual says ; with. Slippage at full speed setting pull a small incline Edition lawn tractor nonservicable! “ beat up ” oil can, i think the tractor missing in the you! This lawn machine was ridiculous to decide if the JD line as many of you,! Need good access to the vastly expensive units that they put on to acheive the “ grime ” i Roger. Sometimes it doesn ’ t want to install Australia, many to Canada, that... Had K46 ’ s hydro grunts and groans ( loud! ) the.... Much larger not last from them i previously had a new K46, turned it down. Pressed the accelerator down built in obsolesence is the same thing wrong with it if! Is Roger still selling the upgrade to see if they say “ nothing runs a... Held almost 2 acres in stages 258 hours on it put it all down to see offer!