About Rotary

About the Rotary Club of Las Cruces

There's something that all Rotary club members have in common: We take action. As community volunteers, we reach out to neighbors in need. We build, support, and organize. We save lives. We work locally and globally.

Around the world and around the corner, 1.2 million Rotarians:

  • Get involved in their communities
  • Connect with other professionals
  • Share their time and experience with young people
  • Support global causes, such as eradicating polio
  • Use their skills to help others

Whether you're a veteran volunteer or new to community service, we're looking for people like you. Founded in 1923, the Rotary Club of Las Cruces has continually striven to meet the Rotary ideal of Service above Self.  Rotary, and our club in particular, has several expectations of its members: 

  • You Are The Missing PieceRegular attendance at meetings is expected; the minimum standard is 50% of weekly meetings.  Should a member need to miss a meeting, there are many opportunities to make up at other Rotary clubs, locally and worldwide. 
  • Regular participation is important.  Members join one or more of our committees working in one of Rotary's Avenues of Service
  • The dues to belong to our club include the costs of belonging to Rotary International.  Members receive The Rotarian, a monthly magazine chronicling the work of Rotary International.  Through the payment of club dues, members also participate in the club's contribution to the Polio Plus initiative.  Dues are billed monthly and include the $26 monthly cost of membership plus the cost of member meals, $16 per week (as of 3/1/17). 
  • We encourage members to participate in the work of the Rotary Foundation by making an annual contribution.  In 2014-15, every member did so making us an Every Rotarian, Every Year club. 

Our club was founded in 1923, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Alamogordo and the Rotary Club of El Paso.  We sponsored the Truth or Consequences Rotary Club in 1935, the Anthony Rotary Club in 1974, the Rotary Club of Las Cruces-Rio Grande in 1975, and the Rotary Club of Las Cruces-Mesilla Valley in 1993. 

More About Rotary

Rotary International has a comprehensive web site with information starting from the basics about Rotary and including details about history and current programs.  A few good places to start: 

(Right: The first four Rotarians: (from left) Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, Hiram Shorey, and Paul P. Harris; Courtesy of Rotary Images)

There is a wealth of information on the web sites of Rotary International, Rotary Zone 27 (Intermountain United States), and our Rotary District 5520 (New Mexico and far west Texas).   You'll find other links to information about Rotary programs and the Rotary Foundation throughout our site.  Sites of nearby clubs are linked on our neighbors page