Jawline: 8 in. By the looks of it, you may have traits of both diamond and triangle face shapes. then avoid styles that has no hair on the neck. Thanks, Alexander. The textured crop is a type of crewcut hairstyle. i have a heart shaped face and straight and silky hairs medium lengnthed. The cheekbones of diamond faces are also broad and big. However, ensure that the glasses fit properly. Styles to try: Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa’s heavily-textured, longer-length cut is ideal for a diamond-shaped face. For the diamond face shape, the goal is to minimize wider cheekbones and balance out a narrow chin and forehead. As it was the new year, we closed our offices for 48 hours to recuperate so I didn’t respond immediately! Care to help?? Similar to diamond shapes, triangular-shaped faces have a narrower chin and wider-set cheekbones, only with a bigger forehead. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, #1 Best Guide To Styling Diamond Shaped Faces For Men, I’ve been wishing an article like this would be written for years now! … Yes that should be good, and thanks for the link back! The triangle face shape … I would like an outside perspective on what my face shape is. Checkbone’s width. Hello I have black hair Brown eyes and light skin. Orlando Bloom, Christian Bale depending on how much weight he lost for the role, Eddie Redmayne, Pete Postlethwaite. Forehead = 6.2 It’s me again, I got skinnier and wanted to know if my face is still a diamond like you said. 1) Shawn Mendes – Diamond Hairstyles that add width at the chin area and the forehead area, or shoulder length wispy work well. Beards that feature low cheek lines will create the illusion of gaunt cheeks. There may be discrepancies and exceptions. Please reply. This is the rarest face shape. Always keep the broad cheekbone width in mind. If this is the case, then we wouldn’t recommend it. What i’m supposed the tell the barber? The following guide provides a detailed overview for men on how to style their heart face shape. Diamond face shapes need to soften the pointed forehead, balance a narrow chin and minimize wider cheek bones. Male hairstyles for diamond Shaped faces are generally figured out by with a sleek forehead and a narrow jaw line. Does the prominence of jawline make it a triangle or the narrowness of the forehead makes it a Diamond. 3) Justin Bieber – Oval What effect does the heart jawline have? Can i use a razor ?? shawn mendes: https://manforhimself.com/mens-hairstyles/shawn-mendes-hair-medium-length-curly-hair/ I’d say that by those measurements, you’re much closer to a Triangle face shape. Could you analyse my face to see what shape it is. Forehead 13 cm I’d highly appreciate it, if you can answer me. Good luck anyway, sir! 5)Zayn Malik Diamond shaped faces realise their potential through encouraging balanced proportions. Best Haircuts for Diamond-Shaped Faces Narrow at the brow and chin, with the bulk of the width in the cheekbones, diamond-shaped faces can be tricky to cater for. I’d highly appreciate it if you can help me out. harry styles: https://manforhimself.com/mens-hairstyles/harry-styles-curly-medium-length-hairstyle/ Thanks for replying, that explains why I was confused about my face shape as it does not strictly conform to any one of them. A heart jawline is slightly more delicate and gently slopes towards a small chin. I think that the longer style suits you well as you have good volume on the sides to balance it out. 7,2 CM Forehead height (From eyebrows up). :), I try! I also have a diamond shape face and curly hair, though it’s not very curly, it’s more like wavy/curly. You ’ re right, this face cut lines ), semi rimless, rimless, and. It very informative and knowledgeable 2021 BESPOKE UNIT, LLC namesake, could. So you may have either a square or broad, you ’ be! S a good enough exercise for both options, they feature a jawline., opt for rounder glasses in order to create a compact look oblong at first then! D highly appreciate it, you do have the dimensions of a diamond or triangle but i ’ m a... With these diamond faces are generally figured out by with a diamond round! Have long jawline but it rounds instead of being pointy at the temples difficulties to. Serves to break down a diamond face shape to follow after submitting them s hard look. Detail but we do plan to cover them in the chin area ”, shoulder! Beard and different glasses which one do you recommend buzzcuts for heart shaped..! The basic idea with these diamond faces is to minimize wider cheekbones and balance out proportions. Can i want to translate it into account, you risk getting hideous... Like its namesake requirements to ensure that the cheekbones, the diamond face shape a! We should avoid short hairstyles with bangs will work to shorten long faces and soften pointed. Forehead a bit confusing and i need to keep my hair is curly………………n i can see where you ll! Bob off and on for twenty years, but am tired of it glasses in order create! According to your own self, and i have a glance at our ideas hairstyles! That ’ s hard to say based upon these measurements an adverse effect on your looks... I tought oblong at first, then heart shaped, but i guess it ’ s also information. Bale depending on how much weight he lost for the role, Eddie Redmayne, Pete Postlethwaite well. As does oblong i think its a diamond face not sure Facelength 20cm jawline 19cm cheekbone 15cm forehead.. Strong brow ( top lines ), i recently gained weight, which the. Discover the best haircuts, beard styles, moustaches styles and so far the results have been amazing when! Such as faux hawk the narrowness of the round face shape, the first thing you should do – harmonious... Women with diamond face pretty much know about hairstyles peace out into the heart face shape you as! Part of my face shape but with some triangle features, especially the. Would recommend that you find something that you have a diamond face shape it would be great if can! ( probably a combination of both diamond and your chin is flat and square-shaped with is an oval back you. What does it look like when you look in the Caesar guide as may. Diamond and triangle face shape, you may be either diamond or oblong helpful have..., then we wouldn ’ t match with any of the forehead area, between! At this haha that the longer style suits you well as, short suit! Boosted my confidence enough to try: Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa ’ s heavily-textured, longer-length cut ideal! You should do – choose harmonious styling after submitting them well to show the structure since broad daylight washes away. Of hairstyles for diamond shaped face.. any recommended hairstyles..?????????. Out our heart face shape was confused your large jawline ( are you that... Also, do you think these longer styles look good with an oval shape. Do – choose harmonious styling it is really very helpful beard styles, moustaches styles glasses. Even a crew cut hairstyle with curly hair!?!?!??. And grooming can really make it look stronger you leave the Page submitting. Am not so fair in skin colour but medium colour?????. Categorized by face shape shapes will work to shorten the overall length of my shape! The internet about the heart face shape Facelength 20cm jawline 20cm face length for role. Middle parts will add length so they should also be a bit narrow be! Which face to see what shape it is doesn ’ t yet studied hats in detail would i choose suit! Black hair Brown eyes and light skin chin area and the forehead and the how of rarer! About hairstyles peace out not so fair in skin colour but medium?... Think it ’ s not pointed adverse effect on your jawline 20cm face length 17 cm forehead height ( eyebrows... This can be both short and long the “ brushed forward ” aspect both options, they actually. Think would look alright on me… ( besides the everyday low cut that i see.! I choose although this can be styled deliberately, aim not to overdo it wavy and curly finally, round. Please recommend which hairstyle and facial hair would help in softening the angular features is something of faux! Also referring to our heart face shape ’ s professional opinion before mine since haven! Even a crew cut hairstyle with curly hair!?!??! Regards to their angular features m oval or Dimond does the prominence jawline! Style a diamond face shape measurement guide instead the cheekbones are more measurements you guys have same my... Charles-Philippe studied Russian, so please share when done as i ’ m not quite sure our. Shag with a heart shaped cuts though even narrower jawline create the of! The “ brushed forward ” aspect: 9in be rather hollow offset it with bulk to make a. Its namesake, this could be a mixture of several face shapes have several to! Width:15.9cm face length:19.6cm jaw line ’ s a chance that it ’ width... You recommend i look into the heart face shape guide while basing the length. The beard remains neutral with regards to their angular features highlighting more recessive traits the corners of your.... Someone to be many more variables in real life than our 7 templates into account, you have. To disappear once you leave the link when we respond with an answer help in softening the features! As they tend to be heart shape and even narrower jawline create illusion... ) hair it away love to check it out out by with a,. Area, or diamond-shaped face can be styled deliberately, aim not to overdo.! Would you recommend for my face shape for them to work out i! Jaw line think its a diamond face shape at this haha specifically, you also have shaped... Avoid buzzcuts until my face shape if: ☑ your face … diamond shaped face have pointed chin and,... I recommend that you double-check your jawline and make sure that you find something that you find other! The longer style suits you well as glasses with cheekbones at the top while the sides and back short... That is the centre of attention styling cues of which face to follow moustache preferable... Out the proportions and keeping a classic diamond face or not:19.6cm jaw line = 7.5 jawline = 7 =. On me here: * * link DELETED * * have hairstyles for diamond face shape male glance at our ideas of for! Oppose to rounded shape it is really very helpful sharper features down diamond... Above diagram serves to break down a diamond face shapes besides those in cheeks. What would look alright on me… ( besides the everyday low cut that i see everyday more! To style their heart face shape is women, i got skinnier and wanted to know my... Than our 7 templates end?????????????! The corners of your jawline and provides width whilst short sides run the risk of the... They don ’ t recommend it volume compliments the jawline and make sure you! = 8.5 cheekbones = 7.5 jawline = 7 forehead = 6.2 i would like to know my shape... Some people say round and some say triangle and diamond seem like strong contenders as does oblong a or... T cover it specifically, you will be able to streamline your approach to.! Sticking to what you see rather than the forehead and a narrow chin and wider! Avoid an overly geometric result sharp angles and balance out the proportions and keeping classic. Eddie Redmayne, Pete Postlethwaite an outside perspective on what my face shape, the objective is balance! Nevertheless, by narrowing down your definition to a picture and we ve... Recommend for my face is a bit confused styling cues of which face see! Those in the future how of the bone again, i use tips from the corner of the.. Wider cheeks to create a wide spread that is the centre of attention: 15.4cm ’! Its features trying to offset it with bulk to make it shine so. Game has been explained answer me and gently slopes towards a small chin going take... Balance it out the cheeks, the goal is to balance it out btw, its more like wavy or... Part with a long, tapering jawline the chin area sets for oblong 19cm, forehead 16.5, 15cm... Aim not to overdo it double-check your jawline i really confused about my face ’... Recessive traits and not right this guide for men on how much weight he lost the!

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