2018-09-12, NMSU Swimming and Diving Coach Rick Pratt

President Elect Daniel Payne called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. Jim Parks lead the invocation. We said the Pledge of Allegiance and Cherly and Chaz from the Las Cruces Ukes joined and lead us in song. We sang "Five Foot Two" and "Blue Moon." Guests and students were introduced.

Announcements and Happy Dollars:  Board meeting will be on Thursday Sept. 13th. Kristi Granados had her weekly question about the Rotarian and no one answered it correctly. Richelle Ponder made us laugh and earned herself a double fine for her joke. Bill Harty updated us on the Aggie Volleyball. Steve Loman fined Dr. Seaton for forgetting his button. Blaine Goss also told a joke that he was fined for. Larry Candelaria had happy bucks for being a member of such a caring group. Mel Parish updated us on his visit to West Texas. There was no meet and greet, we all waved to each other.

The Program

Gus Gandara introduced our program, Rick Pratt the NMSU Head Swimming and Diving Coach. Rick has been at NMSU for 13 seasons. In 2009 and 2010 he was voted Coach of the Year and has never posted an average Team GPA lower than 3.2.

Rick was born and raised in Canada. He has a strong connection to Rotary. In his home town the local Rotary Club opened the first pool in the community. His mom was also the first Rotary President for the province of Quebec.

Rick has been involved with several swim program throughout his career including Tuskalusa, Alabama, Rutgers and UNLV. Rick has high expectation of his team including studies. This past spring the Team GPA was 3.58. He has a team approach of having a balanced life. This means balance in all areas of life such as academics, swimming, social choices, etc. Also, the athletes are meticulous about their schedule and diets.

When Rick started with the program there were 11 girls on the team and 1 assistant coach who only made $5000 a year. Now the program is fully funded with 3 coaches and 30 athletes all receiving full scholarships.

The athletes are very involved with giving back. They do an average of 39 hours of community service a year. They recently took a trip to Haiti in a location about 3 hours from Port of Prince. There they helped at a local school that had no teachers. The children would simply put on DVDs with education lessons and that was their schooling. So, the athletes help with providing some resources and just being there. Showing the children that their life can be more than their current situation.

Fun Fact – Fran was on the synchronized swimming team while she was in school at Northern Arizona.

After the Program

The can report was $50, and Jim Parks had the winning ticket. He drew the 9 of hearts and drew a prize from the prize box. We closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.

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